With the wide use of cardboard display stand, the advantages such as better to build brand, convenient to ship, eco-friendly material of cardboard display stands arerecognized by more and more industries and brands.Although there are many advantages of cardboard display stands than traditional, we found thatthere are something could be improved after we put them in used.

After survey, we found that many customers are confused about assemble of stands. The flat package way could save a lot shipping money, while it will arise thedifficulty of stands assembly.So, if there are stands no need to assemble?

ECO Display gave the”YES “answer.

The design team did a lot experiments, and finally made a kind of stands that could assembly by itself. No need to assembly, automatically open.

Below the picture show you how it works.

Put some catalogue that weight over 10kg on the stand, and we found the stand is still well standing there.

In fact, don’t need to worry about it, the designers will check if it suitable to add automatically function according to reality.

Now, I will share some unique designed automatically stands ECO Display made before.

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