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99% people like this kind of packaging display box.

This is a skin care products display box, it is not only with high-value , but also with distinctive structure to get everyone's approval.

ECO display designed several kinds of packaging boxes for this skin care products.

There are small and exquisite:


This is a box full of design effort, at first glance it, you may not understand how to open it. Because it does not have the top and bottom cover, so I invited my colleagues to do a demo for everyone to see how to open it!

Loosen the outside of the fixed tendon, pull up the top box, the hand into the box will be items out. Designers to make the box open such a way, Do you like it? No longer have to worry about the box covered the floor to run!


After reading the small and exquisite, we look at a "drawer" to open the way:


When you gently pull open the moment, whether you kind of met a small surprise to look forward to? It compared to the same type of packaging, the most intimate design is the design of the rope.

In addition, there is a box with this section is very similar to that one.


Then I open it:


The most amazing moment is when I opened it , I did not expect the effect inside the pattern so bright, it is quite amazing and I liked it.


 Is this product box have different shapes and sizes ? The answer is yes!


Because the product is for infants and young children to use , so the boxes look very cute, do you like it?


Besides the rectangular design, there are square box. Simple and elegant appearance and good load-bearing, has become the advantages of this packaging display box.


Do you like the boxes upon?  Whether it is modeling, open the way or appearance, are very interesting and full of effort and high value! If you also like this attractive packaging display products, then quickly contact us!

Just send email to us: info@ecodisplaycn.com, we will provide you the most suitable package display program, give you the highest quality display products!

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