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Caring the disabled, safeguarding their dreams ——Eco Display 2017 donated jornery

Upon is a picture from a disabled girl who can not listen and talk as usual.

At September eighteen, Our colleagues went to visit them who are disabled and brought some gifts for them.

The kids were very happy when received the school bags and very excited to thank us.


When we met the school leader, she introduced a girl to us who wear in a blue uniform that Eco display sent to them last year. I was so surprised that someone so cherish the gifts. And it made me feel what we done is meaningful.


▲Our colleague was giving school bags to kids.


▲The girl were very happy when receive the painting books. Before we went to visit them, we learned form the school leader that some students are interest in painting, so we brought lots of painting books for them.


When they got painting books, some students can not help to start paint.

In fact, they can do it very well. Like below.

Although some of them can not listen or speak, some are mentally retarded or some even autism , they are lovely like Ordinary. They can paint well, and they have a grateful heart.


Maybe what we done can not change these child’s life, but we still insist to do something that can bring sunshine to these kids. We want to make them live happy like ordinary.

Finally, ECO Display thanks all of you who care these kids with Eco and hope everyone can treat them equally.


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