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Clothing Cardboard Display Stands

The cardboard display stands have been widely used in the supermarket and shopping mall. It seems that whatever the goods are, they can always be showed by cardboard display stands. For example, medicine, daily products and even the clothes can be showed as well.

Now i will show you some kinds of the clothing cardboard display stands below.

1.The cute counter cardboard clothing display stands:

▲ Look at these two cardboard counter display stand for clothing, the left one is for women silk socks which with plastic hooks. The right one was customized for underwear that have customized packaging boxes.These counter display stands are cute and very easy to assemble, they are suitable for the small size clothing accessories display.

2. Cardboard clothing floor display stands:

▲ The floor display stands for clothes upon are designed for one brand, the left one is three tiers and the right one is four tiers, both are colorful and good load bearing.

Besides, There are cardboard floor clothing display stands with base.Look at the stands below. The left one is 360 degrees without dead angle, the clothes would be showed better. And the right one can raise the height of the showing clothes because of it’s base part.

3. Clothing dump bin:

▲ The advantage of this two cardboard dump bins is a large storage function, you can place a lot of socks in it, they are very suitable for promotional items and other occasions. 

4. Hook Cardboard Clothing Display Stand

▲ According to the product, we designed these two hook clothing display racks. Left one is women's stockings display rack make of high-strength hook and corrugated cardboard. The right one with a rotating base can be used for towels, wrist and other goods display. The rotating base increases the flexibility of the showcase.

5. Pallet Display Stand for clothing:

▲ There are two pallet clothing display racks, they can not only be used for the clothes display, but also can be used for home clothing storage.

The above is a few types of common clothing display stand, they all have their own advantages. If your store also need them, then please contact with us: info@ecodisplaycn.com.

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