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Differ Packaging Amount Lead to Differ Price, Why?

Sometimes, we receive question like that, why single set of packaging is more expensive than five sets of packaging?

Now I am going to tell you the points why it more expensive.

First of all, a single set of packaging cost more outer boxes. 

While, the outer box, as the outer packaging of the product, is responsible for the protection of product safety. It must be made of high-strength materials.

In the case of constant length and width, a single set of packaging require more outer boxes, while five sets of packaging will only require a slight increase in the height of some outer boxes.

Therefore, a single package is more costly.

Secondly, Single package need more worker to do it.

Five sets of packaging would save more time and labor force.

To meet with delivery time, more workers will be needed for single package. So, more money is given to the workers.

Therefore, five sets of packaging is more economical. However, if single set of packaging is necessary, you can just choose it.

But do not worried, the designers of ECO Display will consider this when they design the stands for you.

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