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Do You Know That Different Packaging Ways Will Lead To Differ Cost?

Are you confused about the packaging ways of cardboard display stands? How to choose the suitable packaging ways to save your cost?


 I’m going to share the packaging ways for you now. There are three usual packaging ways of cardboard stands.


First, Flat packaging. It means that the stands can be flat totally. Below is a picture to show it, it could be clearly to show.


This is a simple floor display in the picture, it can be depart into three parts, including headboard, cardboard body and base. This kind of cardboard display stands are chosen to flat package usually.

The outer boxes could be smaller as possible if your stands can be flat packaging, it can save your cost of transport.

Second, half-dimensional packaging. It means that part of the stands keep dimension and others be flatted.

Look at this picture below.

This stands can also be divided into three parts, including body, headboard, and base. In fact, this kind of method always use to package cards display stands, like following picture shows:

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This kind of packaging way can save the labor, do not need workers to assemble the stand body, it can also save money for you.


Third, assembled products on the stands and shipped the whole.


This is a one-stop service, you do not need to assemble the stands and even do not need to place your products on the stands. Before, some clients who cooperate with us who load the products in China, they send products to us and ship good to stores directly. Don’t you think it’s a really convenient method?

I f you want to learn more about the case, click here please.


 Upon are three usual ways for packaging of cardboard display stands. Do you know which method is suitable for your cardboard display stands now?


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