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Hand Spinner Display Stand

As you know, hand Spinner is a kind of interesting toys that is popular recently. And there is a kind of display stand for Hand spinner which is interesting too.

The designers of Eco Display made a new design hand spinner display stand, The head is spinning as a fun.


Don’t you think it’s head look sounds like a monkey’s face? However, there is a bit different that monkey’s face is red while the stand’s face is blue.


This cardboard display stand is made of strengthen corrugated cardboard, with the surface waterproof treatment.

There are four tiers plastic hooks in the body, it provide a large place to display hand spinners.

Besides, it can be divided into three parts, including base, the main body and the headboard. All of them can be flat packaging and assemble easily.


Don’t you think this charming display stand can attract more people to buy your hand spinners? Are you still hesitating? Don’t  hesitate to custom display stand to sale your hand spinners. After all, consumers can not wait for you!

If you need a kind of hand spinners display stand, just send email to us: info@ecodisplaycn.com

Don’t be shy, it’s free!


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