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Hollow board display stand

ECO Display produce this kind of hollow board display stand, with a higher intensity, greater bearing, more difficult to damage, better water resistance and other advantages.

Compared with the ordinary cardboard material simple cardboard structure products, hollow board with moisture, corrosion and other advantages. Hollow board has such advantages, but in the production of display products have not been widely used, a large part of the reason is because the hollow plate printing costs are high, the printing time is longer than ordinary cardboard production process.

ECO Display achieve the offset printing process of mass production of mass production of hollow plate possible. Its use of this printing out of the printed pattern better, more colorful. The printing method, can greatly shorten the production time, than the silk screen higher efficiency nearly 10 times, delivery can be guaranteed.

Finally, I’m sincerely to tell you that you can send your email to info@ecodisplaycn.com if you want to get more information of this hollow board display stand.

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