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 What’s gift have the Santa Claus put in your sock?Did you enjoy your Christmas day?Do you want to know how we celebrated the Christmas?


Look!We own a high and beautiful Christmas tree.My colleagues can not help to decorated it when we got Christmas tree.

Besides, have you noticed the cute elks? They are all make of cardboard by our designer.Do you like them?


In the Christmas day,we held a party and play some games.You can not imagine how happy we are from playing the games.

First of all, we divided into two parts, and stepped to explode the balloons which tied to our competitors’ feet.Everybody tried their best to flight, and got fun from it.


Secondly, we played a game called “Paper cup deliver water”.Everyone had a paper cup in their mouth,then stood in line, the person in front of you should deliver water to your cup,do not use hands or another tools to achieve it.

The photos we took are interesting, do you think so?


Besides,we tried to use chopsticks to deliver Ping pong from a container to the other one.It seems difficult, while we made it.


The games made us relaxed, and told us a truth that whatever games or work, just enjoy it and you will make it by your hard-working.

All in all, merry Christmas to you and hope you have fun everyday.

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