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Introduction of sauce and drink display

Some times ago, ECO designed a kind of honey display stand which got a bit of praise. And today I will share it with you and recommend some sauce or drink displays to you.

 If your sauce or drink has not been found a suitable display stand, do not miss this professional introduction.


Look at this honey display, which make up by several hexagon boxes. Do you think it look like a bee's lair? The graphic design is combined with  product features, added up bees, flowers and honey bottles, which make the display look well.

Every hexagon boxes are combined by clips, and there are clapboards added into hexagon boxes which enlarge the exhibition space greatly.

Besides, what else goods may need this kind of product shaped display?

For example, this bottle display is interesting and charming in the shopping mall.



Besides, how about this milk cardboard display stand which designed according to it’s packaging, lots of people feedback that is eye-catching.

Finally, I must tell you the truth that there are many kind of display stands that designed according to it’s packaging and all of them are eye-catching and help customers to sell.

After reading upon information, are you still hesitate to make a display stand like those? If you are not and really want to sell better, then hurry to contact with us.


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