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Look! The book display stands you want are still here!!!

 If it’s possible to show your products including greeting cards, gift packaging boxes and books in ONE cardboard pallet display stand?

The answer is YES! ECO Display designed a four sides cardboard pallet display stand which can show all of them.


Here are the features of this stand.

1/ Multifunction: Each side could be designed according to your need. Can shows comic books, greeting cards, packaging paper and boxes among it.

2/Space save: One stand can shows several different size products. Don’t need to design several stands for different products.

3/ Customized: You can customized a book display rack like this one according to your own products. And the color printing is provided.

If pallet display stand still a little big, you just want one stand to show one kind of product. Maybe this type will suit your products.



This stand can be divided into three parts, head board, main body and base. As you know, the main body can divided into another three parts either. The gird size of each part can be different design for different books.

Besides, it can be convenient to assemble. When we package this stands, the base and headboard can be flat package. Keep the body unchanged. So you just need to assemble headboard and base, and then use the U shaped button to connect these parts.

Besides, there is other floor display stand can shows books, CD or brochures.

Below is a white sample of book display rack, Each shelf could carry 3-6 books.


 If you want more information about book display stands, please contact with us.


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