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Most Economical Advertising Display In 2017

With the development of display stand, showcase is no longer a simple display rack, but the commodity advertising carrier.

Good advertising would highly combine the products and usage scenarios, it would be present directly to customer, which bring them a first hand experience.

Some time ago, ECO Display designed a display rack, which satisfied to customers. And now i will share to you.


It’s a car aroma display stand, the designer made it’s using scenes vividly. Designers skillfully combined with the shape of the car, the appearance of the display stand is similar to the car.

In addition, the display stand added up the car rearview mirror and steering wheel design, in order to bring visual impact to the consumers.

Besides, the designer through some ingenious way to show the characteristics of the customer's goods.

There are hooks behind the rearview mirror and steering wheel, where can hang aroma. Besides, there is a automatic sensor fan behind the steering wheel, it will begin to blow as long as someone close, help the spread of aroma odor.

The entire display stand has become a very good advertising carrier. Whether it is shape or function, have been greatly appreciated by the customer.


In fact, at the beginning, the customer has no idea, while in communication with our professional business colleague, he got some idea. Because my colleagues showed him a previous design, a reversing projection of the display design Program,  also highly combine the products and usage scenarios.

The display plan was recognized by customer and inspired our designers to design this aroma display rack.

The design of the display rack is constantly innovating, using more scenes, and better performance of the product brand characteristics.

If your goods also need such a display program design, then please Email us: info@ecodisplaycn.com.

Tel: 075523095451


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