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Music flower pot display stand

Nowadays, music flower pots are popular by many people, which are interesting that we can play music with plants.


While some businessmen contacted us to design cardboard display stand for showing their music flower pots. Maybe you need a smart display stand to show your music flower pots too. So I want to share a new design cardboard music flower pot display stand for you, which is popular and eye-catching.



It can divide into two parts, a base and a body. The layers are combined with the base by buttons which are guaranteed it’s stability.


The color and size of this cardboard music flower pots can be customized according to your need.

Your can add your advertisement on the cardboard display stand, and our professional designers are very nice to help you to build your brand.



Besides, there is a counter top holder where can as a display counter table to show your music flower pots. You can put plants into your pots and show to the customers how to play piano with the plants.

High quality material and smart design are used in this music flower pots display stand. If you need a smart display stand like this one or you want to learn more about music flower pots display stand, just email us: info@ecodisplaycn.com.

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