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Not Only A Display Stand, But Also A Merchandise Solution

Several days ago, a customer found Eco display and ask for a display solution. The display environment is special, because the display stand that customer request is put around a pillar in the shopping mall.

So, how to fully use the space was being a trouble we have to solve.


After discussion, the designer made a 3D Mockup out as following.

First at all, the designer fully considered customers’inquiry, designed a ” L “shaped display stand which can put around the pillar and use the showing space well.


Besides, this display stand is added up some LED lights, which highlight the products, i guess it must be more charming to you if you walk around them.


Third, it’s more convenient to assemble or be flat, because this display stand can be divided into three parts, include two hook flooring display stands and a corner floor display stand. In fact, if you like you can divide them to showing your merchandises.

It is the final effect below.

All in all, Eco display do not want to be a display stand makes only, instead we can provide more than product.

If you need any help about display, please don’t be hesitate. Just send email to us : info@ecodisplaycn.com. Someone experienced are waiting to help.

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