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Overall Display Program Design

Are you still distressing for the layout of the exhibition? What kind of exhibition layout will attract customers?

Some time ago, ECO designed an exhibition layout program to customer, which has been satisfied.

That is a display program of painting tools .

At the beginning, we did not receive any useful information except such a reference picture below.


Even so, our designers made a 3 D mockup which combined the packaging design of the customer's product and the venue area of the exhibition store, as follow.

After it was made, the designers and customers discussed and found that customer’s first think of a one-piece wall display design is slightly thin, it could not show the customer's brand image well. So we provided some suggestions for improvement.

After communication, we did the second edition of the renderings.



We changed the one-piece wall display into single floor displays’combination, added two pallet displays which made it look well. We changed the color and structure, better combination of customer merchandise, enhance the customer's brand image which made customer satisfied.

This program design spent two days from the customer's idea to the final program. After the program confirmed, we have only used three days to made the finished product.

The following picture is the assembly scene in our hall , After the customer finally confirmed correct, We flat packaging it and sent them to customers, they took this sample to participated in their exhibition.


Last week, our colleagues feedback that the customer's products are welcomed by consumers, because in the entire exhibition site, their displays are the most eye-catching, brought consumers a very professional feelings. And the display program helped they signed a lot of big dealers at the scene. Customized cardboard display stands could save at least ten times cost than other materials.

ECO provide merchandise display, exhibition and store overall design which can save your cost. If you want to sell goods, then hurry to contact us: info@ecodisplaycn.com

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