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Sail 2017, My 2017

Last Friday, ECO Display hold a conference which called sail 2017, my 2017. The meeting aims to lead the ET people officially begin the 2017 voyage. The main planner of this event is our strategic adviser, from 2016 to join us, to become our partners, today officially appointed.

▲ Our General manager made a speech about the outlook for 2017 .


▲ Our colleague Tracy help others to put the scarf on. The scarf is printed with the ECO’s  Logo, as well as the theme of the conference "sail 2017 my 2017" .


▲ The game called  "run it, 2017". People divided into two teams and  across the toe plate to grab the red envelope which put on the table. This game made us feel what is pain and happiness, don’t you think it’s just the feeling of life?


▲ Selected some small pictures of some of my colleagues.

2017, we are all dreamers. We have our own minds hidden in the heart, the dreams written on the board, we are not afraid of the dream made public, because we have confidence to reach.

Finally, under the leadership of the General manager, we solemnly set sail:


Today, we set sail together, help each other, to achieve common goals and ideals. This year we experience happiness and tears together , mutual support, work together to create value and wealth. We are willing to work hard for the dream. Sailing 2017, my 2017!


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