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Kraft paper packaging display box:


This is a small kraft paper packaging display box, there are some advantages :

1. This kraft paper packaging display box is made of high quality material, kraft paper is a kind of paper that strong and with high burst strength.

2. This kraft paper packaging display box is good at load-bearing.The kraft paper box can withstand four bottles of drinking water without any deformation.

3. this kraft paper packaging display box is easy to assemble, the whole kraft paper box is seamless, just need to push it up and can be used;


Besides,there are some kinds of packaging display box that made by other type of paper, and also welcomed by customers.

Just like this one,it’s a beverage packaging carrier.This box is made of B flute paper with a stronger load-bearing performance and colorful printing. Its capacity is larger than the kraft paper packaging display box, so more beverages can be carried.

Besides, there are beer packaging boxes, wine packaging boxes, and juice carrier. If you like, we will provide more designs.

Like this one:


And this one:


Just contact with us, and we will provide you the most suitable display boxes for your products.

Send email to us:info@ecodisplaycn.com, you will get what you want!

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