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The cardboard display stand for greeting cards

The Christmas is coming, are you ready to send your greeting cards to friends, have your cards already shown on a nice cardboard display stand? When I wandering to our sample room, I suddenly found that there are many kinds of cardboard display stands for cards.


Some look a little simple while others look complicated and wonderful. I found that these card cardboard display stands have some points equally.


For example, the card slot is connected entirely. While the designer concerned that this structure may bring a little difficulties for customers to install, so they make a good idea to help.They will install them and then send it to customers by half assembled packed

This packaging way can save a lot of installing time for customers.Besides, if you want to flat packed, the designers can help either.They change the way to connect the card slot and body.


No plastic buckles while instead of card holes. So, when the customer install them, they can just put the card slot into the card holes, do not need to install the buckles.It must be more convenient.


Actually, no matter what trouble you worried, we will always provide you the most suitable choice.


Just like this card cardboard display stand, the designer concerned the need of customers who want some space to put card packaging boxes up.So he designed two side pockets for it, besides, there are a large hole at the back of the card cardboard display stand, which can be a wide space to put up sundries.

Whatever you want, just chat with us.We will always provide you most suitable program and best service.



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