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The type of cardboard display stands

With the development of cardboard display stands , more and more businessmen customized cardboard display stands for goods merchandise.

While many people are not really know the types of display stands.Today, I will tell you something about the types of cardboard display stands.

1. Floor display stand:

This cardboard display stand is equivalent to three-dimensional shelf, generally with base or without.The following 1 & 2 is no base style, 3 & 4 is a base style. The cardboard floor display stand with base can appropriately raise the height of the product placed, and no base style is more stable. But choose which style should depending on specific products.

2.Hook Display Stand:

This display is a standing hook display stand, which can be divided to multidimensional hooks style or single-sided hooks style. It can also be fitted with a rotatable base, so your products can be showed 360 degree.

3.Dump Bin:

The biggest advantage of the dump bin is the large storage, you can load a lot of goods. Not only has the function of display, but also has the function of storing goods. They can be used for candy, chocolate and other display.

4.Pallet Display Stand:

It can be used for merchandise promotion, its relatively large size, can show a lot of goods, placed in the super-promotion may get a good eye-catching effect. 

5. Counter Display Stand:

Counter display stands are relatively mini, they can be placed in the mall counter for some small objects showing. Counter display stands can also be hierarchical, such as the fourth picture below,which is divided into two layers. 

6. Cake Stands:

Cake stands are always used in pastry shop, however sometimes they can be used in the party. They can not only have a strong practicality but also enhance the fun of party.

7. Packaging boxes:

Packaging display boxes, tailored according to specific products, make of high-strength materials, the bearing capacity of the packaging box is guaranteed.

8. Advertising board:

Advertising boards are always used to film promotion, event promotion, product promotion and so on. However, at present a lot of advertising boards are used with the tripod and promotional pages together, in fact, advertising boards can be directly produced with corrugated cardboard, that can foldable and with better stability.

Display stands can be divided into the above types, of course, there are wood, iron, composite materials display stands. They can also be customized according to specific products.

 However, each material of the display has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to choose the most suitable display carrier for your products, you may need to combined with your own products, consider the specific circumstances, or chat with the expert.

If you want to learn more about the display stands,please send email to us:info@ecodisplaycn.com.

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