• Two sides book shelf pallet
Two sides book shelf pallet
Two sides book shelf pallet

Two sides book shelf pallet

  • Product model: M181024

  • Structural Design: Designed by Easy Button

  • Product material: wood, solid wood

  • Printing method: glossy, rough, UV, shock convex

  • Product specifications: the size is customized according to your product

  • Packing: single set of one box, three-dimensional shipping

  • Product accessories: contains assembly instructions

  • Scope of application: storage, display

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01High quality, light weight, variety of shapes, green and environmental protection

02 The material is a new type of composite material, which is light, strong, waterproof and high temperature resistant

03 is about 60% lighter than the traditional wood-iron structure, detachable, easy to build, flat plate transportation, high cost performance.

04 It has higher weight capacity, more durability, higher quality and better brand promotion effect than traditional paper structure.

05The packaging is light and split, the volume is smaller, it is easy to transport, and the transportation cost can be reduced by about 60%

06 It can be combined with materials such as acrylic and electronic technology products, making it more innovative and refined.

07 The whole package is shipped and unpacked and used, which is more convenient and time-saving.

08 Higher hardness and ever-changing creative shapes, novel, practical and customized, can attract the attention of the public and greatly save construction costs.

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